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September 3, 2014

World view (Southern style)


It’s that time of year again. The World 100 is unquestionably the biggest weekend of the year for Dirt Late Model Racing. Every year I scout out the entrants and try to offer a look at who has the best opportunity to bring the famous globe trophy back below the Mason-Dixon Line.

The 44th annual World 100 offers up a bumper crop of drivers from the South that are headed to the cornfields of northwest Ohio looking to etch their names into dirt racing history. Through the years, many Southerners MORE

July 24, 2014

Victory lane, memory lane


There is nothing like the thrill of a win. No matter what the sport or game, there is just no match for the feeling you get while raising your arms and being recognized as the victor on that day.

One of the many perks to the job I have held in racing over the last decade and a half is getting to observe victory celebrations. And I have seen many extremes — from the super cool, laid-back crowd wave of Billy Moyer and Bob Pierce to the striptease ala Ricky Bobby of Austin Hubbard and almost MORE

March 27, 2014

Racing safety reminder

Racer safety has always been one of my highest priorities that I take very seriously. It’s always on my mind at races, and I feel it’s as much my responsibility as it is the racers themselves. And to be honest, I have always had a pretty good feeling of the safety of every racer entering an event I'm involved with.

But late last year there was a sequence of events that brought me back to reality. There had been much talk on the Dirt Late Model scene about racer injuries with a series of MORE