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February 16, 2017

Faster not always better


Arguably one of the biggest factors in producing a memorable race is track prep. Unfortunately, this is far from an exact science.

When it’s done right, it’s usually the drivers who get the credit for putting on a great show. And it often falls on these same drivers’ shoulders to step up and give credit where credit is due. Most of the time, they do so.

How many times have you heard a driver in victory lane giving credit to the promoter or track prep guy after coming out on top of an MORE

February 2, 2017

Safety upgrade quandary

The off-season — what little there is anymore — is typically spent refurbishing equipment, from replacing chassis components and new bodies to buying new tires and upgrading wheels. It seems as though spending money to go fast is an endless chore. | Story

Spending money to stay safe has gotten more expensive as well.

For those drivers and teams that are trying to make a living in this sport, competing 50-60 times a year or more, racing against the best in the business, spending that money is a MORE

January 19, 2017

Of bonuses and insurance

As a sophomore in college at Tennessee Tech back in 1990, I was attending a basketball game in the dead of winter. It was cold out. The place was packed inside. I can’t remember who Tech’s opponent was, but I assume it was a close rival given the size of the crowd.

I do remember, however, a guy leaving with a new Nissan truck that night. The guy had to hit four shots in 60 seconds: a layup, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot. If not impossible, it was highly improbable.

This guy MORE